"Supporting SKMB churches and camps in fulfilling the mission of Jesus."

A 3rd Site for Compass!

Harbour Landing entrance sign

The Compass Church exists “to point people to Jesus, and to make disciples who know, live, and advance the Gospel.”

They see that Regina is growing, yet there is a disconnect between the growth of Regina, and the growth of present churches and the initiation of new churches.

They’ve seen and experienced first-hand that no other evangelistic initiative can has a greater effect in reaching those who don’t know Jesus than starting new churches.

They are a church plant, they’ve already planted church, and now they feel called to plant yet another… this time in the Harbour Landing community of Regina.

Check this out for more info… Harbour Landing Church Plant


Supporting SKMB churches and camps in fulfilling the mission of Jesus.

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Recent News

Aug 8, 2017


SKMB Leadership Forum - Nov. 18/17

Mark your calendars... right now!
Saturday, November 18/17 @ West Portal Church in Saskatoon

Aug 2, 2017


Hope Fellowship Responds to Invitation

We, at Hope Fellowship Church, were honoured to be invited to First Nations reserves in Saskatchewan and in Alberta. We got involved in different ways at the behest of the local band and councils.

Aug 2, 2017


Listening Circle Seeks Call

On July 20, 2017, twenty-five Mennonite Brethren church members sat in a large circle in the sanctuary of Hope Fellowship Church, Saskatoon, eager to seek answers. SKMB director of ministry Phil Gunther organized and facilitated the gathering to hear from Paul Winter, MBCM Indigenous ambassador, each other and God.