"Supporting SKMB churches and camps in fulfilling the mission of Jesus."

Discipleship Coaching Tool

The Discipleship Coaching Tool is designed to help councils, boards and ministry teams examine how and where discipleship is happening in their local churches. This practical, self-directed and prayer-centered tool can be used over and over again to help guide your team’s conversation. In any given session, a team may choose to evaluate, simplify, develop or clarify their church’s discipleship activities. It is our prayer that this tool will both challenge and encourage you in our call to make disciples of all nations (Matt. 28:19).

To use the Discipleship Coaching Tool, begin with Intro: Discipleship & Church.

At the end of the Intro presentation, select Evaluate, Simplify, Clarify or Develop, based on your team’s needs.

At the end of each presentation, you will be directed to Set a Course Going Forward, where you will transform your conversation into specific actionable steps.

The Discipleship Coaching Tool requires an internet connection. For optimal performance, please use Microsoft Edge or Safari.  Note that you can view and navigate the tool in various layouts (horizontal, vertical and presentation modes).

Here’s a printable version of the above… Online Tool preamble

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Supporting SKMB churches and camps in fulfilling the mission of Jesus.

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On July 20, 2017, twenty-five Mennonite Brethren church members sat in a large circle in the sanctuary of Hope Fellowship Church, Saskatoon, eager to seek answers. SKMB director of ministry Phil Gunther organized and facilitated the gathering to hear from Paul Winter, MBCM Indigenous ambassador, each other and God.