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April 2022 - Resource Toolbox

Each month we will be sharing ten resources – articles, webpages, books, etc. – that you can take advantage of to resource your ministry. If you have something you would like to share please leave a comment below.

1. Love Your Church Within It's Limits  - Christianitytoday.com
Why accepting a congregation’s shortcomings is key to developing its strengths.

2.  Seven Early Warning Signs Your Heart is Growing Hard in Leadership by Carey Nieuwhof

3. 10 Simple Changes You Can Make to Boost Weekend Attendance by Carey Nieuwhof

On Technology In Ministry

4. Unplug or Upgrade by Phil Gunther

5. How to Connect With Young Families at Church - Churchleaders.com

From the MB World

6. My Stops and Starts by Phil Gunther

7. Pain, Fairytales and Butterflies - Christian Leader Magazine

8. Kid's Ministry and Discipleship - The Future Church Podcast.  Spotify  Apple Podcasts

Continuing Education

9. Leadership and Conflict at Horizon College

“This course gives students a framework through which to view and engage conflict, a biblical foundation for understanding conflict, and a skill set with which to respond effectively to situations involving conflict. Our goal is the development of leadership capacity in situations of conflict from an Anabaptist framework, grounded in the Sermon on the Mount as Jesus’s counter-cultural expression of God’s values and priorities.”

10. Leading for the Long Term - Regent College Summer Course

"Reflect on your leadership with a long-term focus on leading into a sustainable future. Focus on the relevance of Christ's teaching in the Beatitudes and learn from biblical leaders like Joseph and Daniel to strengthen our own vocation. Explore the power of leadership metaphors in an interactive, supportive learning environment that's open to and relevant for all leaders—whether seasoned or aspiring—in all spheres. Discern and consider the challenges and opportunities leaders felt during COVID-19, and learn how other leaders have responded well, led with courage, and brought their people with them. Come away refreshed and empowered to lead well."


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Supporting SKMB Churches and Camps in making disciples.

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