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February 2022 - Ministry Resource Toolbox

February 2022 Ministry Resource Toolbox

Each month we will be sharing ten resources – articles, webpages, books, etc. – that you can take advantage of to resource your ministry. If you have something you would like to share please leave a comment below.

From the MB World:

1. The Future Church Podcast – Pastor Luke interviews Murray Mclellan and discusses Grace Fellowship’s resource The Good News Story.  You can hear the podcast here:
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You can explore The Good News Story here

2. MB Herald article - Prayer Fuels Mission

3.  MB Herald Article - Caring for the Mental Health of Leaders

4.  Virtual Cafe article - Stay in Your Lane


5. Thirty Years the Changed the World  by Michael Green - a look at the book of Acts

6. Doing Good Better by Edgar Stoesz - an accessible resource for board members exploring their role and responsibilities

Articles and Links:

7. Careyneiwhof.com - What do you do with your wounds, Pastor?

8. Why the Father Didn't Seek the Prodigal Son - (because He did)

9. Judge People Like Jesus Did

10. Keep Preaching and Expect Different Results


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