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Redberry Bible Camp

Executive Director Job Posting


Redberry Bible Camp was founded in 1943. 79 years later, Redberry remains a timeless summer experience for campers aged 6-17. Our summer programming offers children and youth the opportunity to try new skills, make lifelong friends, and learn about Jesus! We offer a wide range of activities which include: crafts, guitar lessons, horseback riding, wall climbing, science experiments, sports and games!

As Executive Director you will lead our staff team as they love people, love Jesus, and grow disciples through the community of camp. The camp is situated 60 minutes north of Saskatoon overlooking Redberry Lake.

Your priorities will include leading our team of staff and volunteers, caring for campers and families, as well as managing the budget and facilities.

Please submit a cover letter and resume to board@redberrybiblecamp.com by Nov. 28, 2022.

Qualifications and Responsibilities

Spiritual Leadership

The Executive Director needs to have a close relationship with Jesus as they model servant leadership to our campers and staff team.

  • Applicants should have experience in discipling and mentoring young leaders
  • A Bible college degree and/or ministry experience is an asset
  • The ideal applicant will have Christian camp experience, especially at Redberry Bible Camp
  • The Executive Director must be in agreement with the Mennonite Brethren Confession of Faith.

Leading Campers

The Executive Director has a heart for connecting with campers.

  • The Executive Director oversees the programs and activities to give our campers a fun, memorable and safe camp experience
  • Applicants are approachable, intentional and relatable as they interact with campers and staff, whether giving hi-fives or sitting down with campers and staff for heart-to- heart chats about real life issues.
  • Applicants need to be excited to show campers the love of Jesus.

Leading Staff

The Executive Director leads a team of full-time staff as well as summer staff and volunteers.

  • Applicants need to be able to care for the spiritual health of the staff by leading Bible studies and prayer times.
  • Applicants should have experience with hiring and recruiting staff and volunteers, training them, holding them accountable and inspiring them.
  • The Executive Director is well-organized and capable of delegating and communicating effectively to ensure the camp is operating with excellence.

Community Relations

Redberry Bible Camp functions with the support of our community and the Executive Director is a vital representative to our surrounding area.

  • Applicants will strive to create a connection with parents of campers when they entrust their children to our ministry.
  • Applicants will develop working relationships with SKMB churches, local churches, and seek to be involved within the local church community.
  • Applicants are capable of cooperation with schools, other ministries, governments agencies, camping associations and other business contacts.
  • Applicants will seek opportunities to engage our community with our vision with appropriate and innovative marketing and fundraising strategies.


The Executive Director will oversee the administration of the camp finances, facilities and programming.

  • The Executive Director works with the board to produce an annual budget and must be capable of tracking and managing finances.
  • RBC is a charitable organization and applicants must be able to manage fundraising and marketing initiatives.
  • Applicants will give oversight to our office staff to ensure tasks such as camper registrations and rental group bookings are handled professionally.
  • RBC is a large property with a variety of buildings, equipment and horses. Applicants will manage our staff team to keep camp functioning effectively.
  • The Executive Director reports to a local board of directors. Applicants need to be able to develop meeting agendas, generate progress reports and act upon board directives.
  • The Executive Director will work with the board to ensure RBC is following approved policies and procedures to ensure a safe environment for all that also meets insurance requirements

Executive Director Job Description 2022



Supporting SKMB Churches and Camps in making disciples.

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