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June 2023 - Ministry Toolbox - Summer Personal Growth Ideas

1. Take a Class

Regent College has a significant summer program of courses, many designed as continuing education for pastors and available online.  Please also check with our MB schools such as Horizon and CMU to see what offerings they may have during the summer:

2. Learn a language

Many of us have individuals from other cultures and language groups. Consider learning another language to connect with people in your church or for when you step into a mission field.  www.duolingo.com


3. Take a Spiritual Retreat

This can take many different shapes and there are many places you can retreat to. Many camps, including MB camps, have pastoral retreat space for the offseason.  One example of a dedicated retreat place to consider is a retreat center in Alberta called Kingsfold: https://www.kingsfoldretreat.com/  


4. & 5. Read a book

There’s nothing like sitting at the beach reading a good book.  But what book to read? Well ask any colleage for a recommendation, or look around online.  Here  is a link to some recommended reads for 2023.  https://www.beautifulchristianlife.com/blog/15-key-christian-books-for-your-2023-reading-list 


One recommended book I’d suggest is Douglas Harink’s Resurrecting Justice which explores the book of Romans: https://www.amazon.ca/Resurrecting-Justice-Douglas-Harink/dp/083085276X


6. Connect with a Colleague

With the relaxed summer schedule make time to connect with some colleagues to pray together, share together and even laugh together. 


7. & 8.  Volunteer at Camp

If you are feeling disconnected from the younger generations at church, then be encouraged, challenged and even inspired by taking a week and volunteering at camp. It will put you in the middle of these age groups and allow you to build relationships, have conversations and see how God is at work in their lives.  Check out our Saskatchewan MB Camps here:

Redberry Bible Camp

Westbank Bible Camp


9. Podcasts

With all the beautiful weather outside, getout and walk. While walking consider listening to a podcast.  There are all sorts online on any topic imaginable. Just do a google search and go from there.  Here’s a list I found online of anabaptist podcasts: https://blog.feedspot.com/anabaptist_podcasts/


10. Reset rhythms

We get out of routine during the ministry year and our time for rest and renewing, for sabbath and devotions can become distorted. Take time this summer to reset your Rhythm.  One way to ‘get away’ is to go somewhere in nature.  Here is a link to all the Saskatchewan provincial parks. Consider finding one near you and taking time to rest and be renewed there.



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Supporting SKMB Churches and Camps in making disciples.

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