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March 2023 - Ministry Toolbox - MAiD Resources

Each month we post a list of ten resources for ministry leaders. This month we are posting resources around the topic of Medical Assistance in Death in Canada.

1.     Where are the churches in canada’s euthanasia Experiment – Benjamin Crosby/Plough Quarterly 

2.     Life, Death and Suffering from a MB Perspective  - MB Herald

3.     MB Seminary MAID Resources

4.     When MAID goes to Church – Gospel Coalition 

5.     Behind the Curtain of Assisted Dying -  David Guretzki/Faith Today

6.     Navigating Medical Assistance in Dying – Patricia Paddy/Faith Today

7.     How MAiD is transforming Canadian end-of-life care – Patricia Paddy/Faith Today

8.     God’s Purpose in Your Pain – Rick Warren/Plough Quarterly

9.    VIDEO  Regent College Chapel Panel Discussion: Euthenasia in Canada: Progress or Runaway Train?

10.  VIDEO  EFC: Suppporting Canadians to Live: An Update on MAID and how the Church can Engage





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Supporting SKMB Churches and Camps in making disciples.

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