"Supporting SKMB Churches and Camps in making disciples."

SOAR Saskatchewan 2019

As the program kicked off, as it progressed, and as the program came to a close, we were and have been humbled by God’s provision, faithfulness, and His invitation for us as the church to partner in the work that He is doing in our cities, towns and province. 

This year God brought together teams from 6 different churches with a total of 81 participants.  We all settled into Forest Grove’s Attridge site in Saskatoon for 9 nights/10 days of growing, knowing and going! These are the three key aspects of the SOAR program; GROWING in intimacy for God, KNOWING God’s heart for the world, and GOING and joining in God’s mission – that the world may know Jesus!

The first few days of SOAR serve as the orientation portion of the program.  This is mostly a time for teams to prepare for the week of service ahead, as well as to get to know each other better through learning activities, team times and teaching sessions. Following the orientation weekend, the entire community of SOAR puts on a Family Fun Carnival in a core neighbourhood of Saskatoon. This is an amazing opportunity for all of the participants to work together to make the carnival happen.  The carnival itself provides a great place to invite families and kids from around Saskatoon to come have fun and build positive associations with people who love Jesus.  This year we added many new carnival games including a home-made crane game through which we were able to give away close to a hundred donated stuffed toys to children that day. The crane game was so simple, yet so powerful in communicating the joy and love of Jesus!

This year as a program, we partnered with 7 different organizations around Saskatoon.  Through these partnerships, participants had opportunities to serve for four days in a variety of ways, like playing BINGO with seniors or running a VBS program.  Overall, these partnerships provide a window to see the impact of service and God’s invitation to live on mission.  We invite you to pray for the lives that were impacted and the seeds that were planted through these experiences, and that we can continue to build meaningful relationships throughout the province of Saskatchewan.

- Ryan Epp, Short term Mission Coordinator for MULTIPLY



Supporting SKMB Churches and Camps in making disciples.

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