"Supporting SKMB Churches and Camps in making disciples."

From Waldheim To The World

A lot has happened in the past nine months. Last August I stepped out in faith from my position as Lead Pastor of the Waldheim MB Church and started working half time with Global Vision 2020 as the Faith Based Coordinator, and so much has happened since! That same month I found myself in the West Bank handing out eyeglasses in the UN Refugee camps (Bethlehem and Ramallah) and the trip ended with sitting in the offices of the Minister of Education and the Minister of Health! Then in November I was off to Malawi to work in UN refugee camps there as well. This time I was empowering our MB Churches in the refugee camps to be able to start micro businesses selling the eyeglasses for $5. The community around

them saw this as a great opportunity as the same quality of eyeglasses were selling for over $100 in the capital! The funds raised from this event went toward: 20 orphans school costs, 25 of our poorest families given food for three months during the dry season, training, Bibles and literature for 170 pastors, and 131 pastors got free eyeglasses that greatly improved their quality of life.

And then on February 1st, I officially joined MB Mission as a Mission Mobilizer. And so many incredible things have happened since then. The first month alone was simply incredible. Three MB churches from Canada, (Selkirk, Fort Garry, and Sardis), went to six small MB church plants in Cambodia. They led distribution clinics in each of the villages, and the results were overwhelming. You see, the eyeglasses are just a tool. A tool to bring people in, enable people to be the hands and feet of Christ, but they are also a concrete metaphor, one that the local church leaders latched on to. At the end of each day the local churches led revival meetings and the harvest was incredible! Over six hundred people gave their lives to Christ! And in God’s incredible timing and grace, many of them were local teachers, so now these six little house churches all meet in the schools – each with over a 125 people! And all of these things happened because of generous donations and support from members of Saskatchewan MB Churches such as Waldheim, Forest Grove, Herbert, and Hepburn. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Next month I am going to Fresno to help strategize the next outreach events into South East Asia, and let me tell you, we expect the harvest to be GREAT! Happy seeding Saskatchewan MB Churches!

Greg Wiens,
MULTIPLY Mission Mobilizer



Supporting SKMB Churches and Camps in making disciples.

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From Waldheim To The World

I stepped out in faith from my position as Lead Pastor of the Waldheim MB Church and started working half time with Global Vision 2020 as the Faith Based Coordinator.