"Supporting SKMB Churches and Camps in making disciples."

Trial Run M.B. National Assembly

Some 60 participates attended a trial run M.B. National Assembly in Winnipeg on June 8th.  The purpose of the event was to serve as both a testing of the Collaborative Model, as well as a dialogue on the model itself.  This trial run is in preparation for the anticipated first ever National Assembly in the summer of 2020.  This event brought together provincial executive boards, the national executive board, provincial ministers and directors, the National Faith & Life Team and representatives from M.B. Seminary and Multiply.

Bruce Enns, Cdn. Conference moderator, introduced the purpose and format for the event as well as calling listeners to courageous humility in the face of the extra-ordinary challenges presently facing the Cdn. M.B. faith community.

Participants received updates on revisions to the Collaborative Model framework that was introduced at the 2019 Gathering in Saskatoon from Elton DaSilva, Cdn. Conference National Director.  Much greater detail was provided on the various components of the model.  The one-stream funding concept was also re-introduced and an aspirational budget was presented.  Considerable dialogue followed after which a firm affirmation was given to the work that had been done.  The Special General Meeting in October will witness delegates vote on the adoption of the Collaborative Model.

Randy Friesen, Executive Director of Multiply, and Mark Wessner, President of M.B. Seminary gave presentations and updates concerning their respective organizations.  Ingrid Reichard, chair of the National Faith & Life Team, updated the participants on the work of her team and invited people to attend Equip 2019 in Waterloo this October.



Supporting SKMB Churches and Camps in making disciples.

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Trial Run M.B. National Assembly

Some 60 participates attended a trial run M.B. National Assembly in Winnipeg on June 8th.

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