"Supporting SKMB Churches and Camps in making disciples."

Hope Fellowship Responds to Invitation

We, at Hope Fellowship Church, were honoured to be invited to First Nations reserves in Saskatchewan and in Alberta. We got involved in different ways at the behest of the local band and councils.

We saw first-hand that God is drawing the people of all ages to himself.

In Stanley Mission, Sask., we were present and praying as we saw God start to heal a girl who was deaf. God also opened doors and allowed us to be able to come in and share with many precious souls about their identity and purpose and being rooted in God.

At the conclusion of our time, we were invited to form a partnership with this reserve and several others close by.

God is moving among the leadership of local councils and bands who have said to us, “Please help, and care for our young people.” It is beautiful to see the Word of God going forward. This is not about a particular church or denomination, but rather about the gospel.

July 9–14, 2017, we were invited to do Vacation Bible School in Calling Lake, Alta. Each day, approximately 30 young people (ages 6–16) came. Over the course of the week, 25 young people came to relationship with Jesus.

God is moving in the strangest places in a real and tangible way. I had conversation with a young boy named Tanner during the week. I was amazed at his level of knowledge in regard to the Bible. I asked him how he knew so much. His words shook me. “God speaks to me.” In his room, he hears God speak to him!

God is in these places, calling all people to himself, touching people. His name is becoming known. 

There is also so much pain and brokenness in these places. On our last day, I talked about brokenness and hope. My heart broke as every young person present talked about a brokenness inside of them. Yet, these precious ones cried out to God and came to a place of meeting him.

The ground is fertile and the doors are opening for the Word of God to come in and combat despair.

Stephen Moorgen is youth pastor at Hope Fellowship Church, Saskatoon.



Supporting SKMB Churches and Camps in making disciples.

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