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Canadian MB Family Meets In a Difficult Time: AGM

On October 23rd about 260 people (172 delegates) from across Canada attended the Cdn. MB Conference AGM hosted by the Waterloo MB Church.  Bruce Enns, the Cdn. MB Moderator opened the day by sharing from 2 Corinthians 1:8-11.  Bruce noted that although we may be experiencing hardships in various forms, these experiences move us to rely even more on God.  He further stated that in our hardships, our hope is God.  We must seek Him and trust Him and then respond in obedience.

Elton DaSilva, the Cdn. National Director, provided the opening address.  DaSilva shared that we must walk in this ‘place’ with honesty and humility.  We must talk about the hard things.  DaSilva shared that in the last six months he was wrestling with three questions: (1) What is God doing?  God is calling us to unity and unity requires surrender and ownership.  (2) What is my posture?  My posture needs to be one of prayer, preparation and perseverance.  (3) What is my step of obedience?  I must submit to the call of God in each situation.

Bruce Enns facilitated discussion around the document Telling the Financial Story.  This document was the fulfillment of Enn’s promise to constituents to give a full accounting for how Conference monies were spend from 2012 – 2018.  Specifically, it addressed how we moved from a reserve of 17.7 million to one of 2.9 million.  The document highlight eight reasons: (1) We lowered land and mortgage values.  (2) We relied too much on profits from Stewardship Funds investments.  (3) We were reluctant to hold individuals and MB family entities accountable.  (4) We had strong driven leaders.  (5) We didn’t always engage humbly with those who raised issues.  (6) We spent too much money while engaged with many changes.  (7) We were committed to planting new churches.  (8) We didn’t sufficiently value the needs and expectations of our diverse Mb audience.

Following Bruce, Randy Friesen and members of the Multiply Board gave testimony surrounding the C2C – MB Mission dissolution.  Friesen articulated that seventeen staff were released and a funding gap of $1.5 million were two results of this dissolution.  Friesen and the Multiply Board took ownership of their part in this failure and asked for forgiveness.  Multiply continues to have a $1.5 million operating reserve.  The Multiply Board is reviewing Friesen’s future role with the agency and asked the Cdn. Conference Executive Board to review the present board future.  There were several delegates calling for a return to calling the agency MB Mission because the name “Multiply” is now linked with a significant failure.

Elton DaSilva returned to the podium and re-introduced the Collaborative Model and answered delegates questions.  He stated that the Collaborative Model is to help us do the mission which is to make disciples.  There were many comments from delegates.  There was a keen awareness that the model of governance we now operate under is wholly insufficient and likely will not bring the unity mission effectiveness we are seeking.  Delegates voted by at least  two-thirds majority to implement the Collaborative Model.

Lastly, a budget of $1,333,020 was passed with significant discussion around the future of the MB Herald.



Supporting SKMB Churches and Camps in making disciples.

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Canadian MB Family Meets In a Difficult Time: AGM

On October 23rd about 260 people (172 delegates) from across Canada attended the Cdn. MB Conference AGM hosted by the Waterloo MB Church.

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