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Small Churches

This story goes back to the winter of 2016 and the welcoming of Athanase Chiruza and Mission Pentecostal Church (Regina) into our Sask MB family.  That was when I first met Athanase and I found out about his “small” churches in Zambia and Zimbabwe. 

Fast forward to November of 2018.  I was in Zambia working with Global Vision 2020 and Operation Mobilization and I personally met with the leadership of Athanase’s churches.  There was just one thing.  They were not small.  They were large!  Eighteen churches with over 3000 members!  I knew after this brief meeting that I had to come back. And in September of 2019 I did, with Pastor Athanase joining me.  

We first visited the churches in Zambia and Zimbabwe, to teach and encourage, as well as to hand out eyeglasses. We trained 14 church members, the vast majority of them being refugees, how to use the eyeglasses.

We have many stories of church members seeing dramatic improvement in eyesight, my favorite being Matthew from Zimbabwe.  Matthew was legally blind when he came in to get his eyes checked.  He could not see the top line on the eye chart.  We made him the strongest glasses that we could make him, and he could see line 8 out of 11 - well enough to pass the driver’s test in North America!  His wife had to get a job in South Africa to support them, and he lived with his brother and his family.  Because he could see now, he could get a job, his wife could quit her job in South Africa and get a lower paying job in Zimbabwe and they could move out into their own place!  Pray for them as they are trying to start a family! 

But my highlight was when we met with the leadership of the churches and they asked to start the process of joining the Mennonite Brethren worldwide family, ICOMB!  It was an unanimous decision to take that first step to becoming a Mennonite Brethren denomination.  I wept as I sat in the church as I realized the incredible, monumental moment that I was living.  This was the conception of a whole new church family.  

In the Spring of 2020 we will be going back, but this time with a team from Parliament Community Church and representation from ICOMB.  I can’t wait to see what God has in store for 2020, but I can tell you this, it will be a lot clearer than 2019!     - Greg Wiens, Multiply. (formerly pastor of Waldheim MB Church)



Supporting SKMB Churches and Camps in making disciples.

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Small Churches

This story goes back to the winter of 2016 and the welcoming of Athanase Chiruza and Mission Pentecostal Church (Regina) into our Sask MB family.

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