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What is Next ?

What is Next?

A Response to the finding  of 751 unmarked graves on Cowessess First Nation

So what do we do?  What is next?
We know there will be more news of more bodies. More hurt and grieving to happen. Decades of hurt and injustice are not undone in one news conference or one discovery. This is not something we just 'move on from' or 'get over'. It shouldn't be.
I spent time reflecting on 'what is next' for me and I'm committing to four things as we continue discovering evidence that echoes the true stories we have heard in Truth and Reconciliation of what residential schools were:
I will listen. I will use my time to listen to the stories. To the survivors. To the community. I will listen to the truth as others see it. I will listen to the hurt and pain. I will listen for my own biases and ignorance. I will also listen for the hope for healing.
I will lament. A lament is a passionate expression of grief or sorrow. I will not distance myself from the pain of our country and ignore it as it will be so easy to do. I will lament the genocide of our First Nations. I will lament the work done in the name of Christ that was in fact anti-Christ. I will lament the generations this has taken where the truth was buried and hidden. I will lament those who polarize this situation. I will lament a broken world.
I will learn. I will learn the truth of what happened. I will not turn the channel when the news is about residential schools, I will not skip over the news stories online, or avoid the stories. I will learn the truth but even more so... I want to learn from the truth. I want to learn how to be better. I want to learn in humility. I want to learn that my cultural perspective as White Man is both entitled and broken and there are other perspectives that come out of deep wounds and hurts and grief. I want to learn those perspectives so we can journey forward together.
I will love. I have faith the truth will come out. I have hope that there will be healing and reconciliation. But above all else... I choose to love. To love my neighbor as myself. To love sacrificially. To love in the midst of things I can never fully understand. To teach my children that love triumphs over all. That love can prevail. That love can heal. How does loving look? I'm not entirely sure... but I do know if I do not look to love, I will not. If I open my eyes for opportunities to love I will find them.
"And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love." 1 Corinthians 13:13

Michael Engbers
Pastor, Parliament Community Church



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A Response to the finding of 751 unmarked graves on Cowessess First Nation.

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