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Thrive - Changing Hearts For Christ


Thrive is a SKMB partner ministry.

I love to tell stories about how God moves so strongly in a simple eight month discipleship program like Thrive but there’s nothing better than hearing it directly from a student who has experienced his transformative work for themselves. Below is an excerpt from an email written by one of our students to his church leadership explaining the value of the program and how he has been helped. It was written in January of 2021 after only four months of being a part of Thrive Discipleship Program, which in itself is quite significant as we often see the greatest steps taken in the second half of the school year. 

Before I had come to Thrive, I was distant from God. I Lacked the discipline to walk with God daily. I had felt worthless. I felt as though I had to struggle in my sins alone and no one was able to understand what I was going through. I felt broken and alone and I had to fix the problems I had myself.

Since coming to Thrive I have grown in my fellowship with God. I have come to realize that sin is something that we all struggle with and that we don't have to fight it alone. I know this sounds really cliché, but Thrive has made me realize that Jesus is my only hope of overcoming my sin. It has been very humbling. It has also made me more confident when meeting new people. And on that same line, it has helped me come out of my shell and has made me become more honest. Boyd Hopkins' class specifically helped tremendously with being able to forgive myself, and showing that the sooner I let go and give it all to Jesus, I'll become more free, and be able to glorify God without guilt.

Some specific examples: Ken Wiebe's class on apologetics allowed me to understand There is a solid foundation to stand on when proving Christianity. Leanne Schellenberg's class on 'A Life of Worship' has been the most helpful class for me. It has taught me how let others be open to me, and how to allow myself to be honest and open to the others around me. It also showed me how God is everywhere in your life. Even in the smallest of details. Becoming aware of the reality that God works everywhere. Mike Newson's class gave me tools on how to share the gospel with others. Werner Janzen's class gave an overview of the Old Testament. It was a great class and gave me a better understanding of the Old Testament and how the story all leads to Jesus.

Thrive has made me a stronger Christian. Going forward I see Thrive as a great investment I have made to my life and with my walk in the Lord. I would love you to be a part of this as it would help God work through me to bring about his kingdom.  - ADAM

What a blessing to see some of the great heart-work that our Lord does in our students expressed in a simple email. I hope you find this encouraging and that it builds your confidence in the Thrive Discipleship Program. Our focus is forming whole and holy disciples through studying scripture, believing all that it says and teaching our students to take action accordingly. If you would like to know more, please contact me directly. 

Darryl Balzer




Supporting SKMB Churches and Camps in making disciples.

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