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West Bank Bible Camp - Summer 2021 | SKMB

West Bank Bible Camp - Summer 2021

This summer was something that I would not have expected one year ago. God has provided in so many ways this year.

It was a busy summer of day camps and projects. There were three significant changes made this year to our camps.  In February the decision was made to offer a product we could guarantee to deliver no matter happened with restrictions. We offered transportation from Swift Current, had a dedicated chapel time, and made changes to our scheduling. We implemented two options for camps, 1-day camps and 5-day camps. In the end we had just over 700 spots sell. We were very excited about how well the summer went.

Part of the success of our summer was the amazing team that we had. They had an attitude to serve, and they loved on the kid’s day after day. 

During the day camps we also had two major projects happening. The first project was renovating the outside of the director’s house. We ripped all the siding and roof off then starting again from plywood. This was a project that we could not do alone so we reached out to MDS to help and oversee the project. They were amazing to work with. They also had hearts that wanted to serve and willingness to do the job the best they could. This was very encouraging. We were also able to replace all the windows and doors with the help from MDS.  The second major project was moving a 30’x30’ cabin that was donated. As MDS was finishing up the director’s house in July, we starting to prep the grounds. This cabin is going to become the new cook’s cabin during the summer and in the winter, we are hoping that the spiritual leaders in our churches and community will be able to use it as a retreat centre. A place for them to just get away to rest and recharge.

As you can see there was a lot going on here this summer and it was great to see how God has provided and is taking care of the camp through this time of uncertainty.

Jeffery Penner

Executive Director



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