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Global Gospel Advance

At Assembly 2022, delegates adopted the Global Gospel Advance project (GGA). The GGA is an opportunity to support the ministry of Pastor Athanase Chiruza (Mission Pentecostal Church, Regina) in raising up missional disciple-making leaders. Bishop Athanase Chiruza was born on April 18, 1960. He holds Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) citizenship. He is married to Beata Balolebwami. They have six adult children (five living in Canada and one in Australia) and five grandchildren. Pastor Athanase’s work will be that of a Mennonite Brethren ambassador and mentor to pastors and planters in Africa, the USA and Canada.  He will serve SKMB by being available to inspire us in our Gospel outreach efforts in Saskatchewan as well as call us to look beyond ourselves to the global leadership development needs. Parliament Community Church (Regina) presented this opportunity to both MULTIPLY and SKMB seeking to make this a collaborative effort.  

Why should SKMB participate?

  • SKMB can play an instrumental role in providing a leadership mentor in indigenous African faith communities and in African immigrant faith communities in Canada and the USA is significant.
  • SKMB can support the ministry of a member church, MULTIPLY and one of our own credentialed pastors.
  • By participating, SKMB acknowledges the need for leadership support on a global setting – our eyes can be lifted beyond our own town, city, province and country.
  • We will be able to hear stories of God’s work locally and globally and informed as to the needs and opportunities we have to bring a Gospel response.
  • By participating, we become a catalyst for the advancement of the Gospel outside of our specific contexts.
  • By participating, we are providing space for being inspired to both local and global missions and Gospel advancement.

 What is SKMB asking of us?

  • Invite to Pastor Chiruza to come and share his vision for the Global Gospel Advance project.
  • Financially support the GGA project in addition to SKMB’s strategic investment.

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Supporting SKMB Churches and Camps in making disciples.

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