"Supporting SKMB Churches and Camps in making disciples."

SK Leadership Forum 2017

West Portal Church hosted this year’s second Leadership Forum November 18th.  Guest speakers Leanne Schellenberg, Nick Helliwell and Tim Falk provided incredibly insightful and moving presentations.

Using the story of the poor widow from Mark 12:41-44, Leanne called attendees to serve out of where they were poor. It is here that Jesus can work through us most incredibly.  Schellenberg shared her experiences with First Nation’s friendships and how she seeks to live out her faith in those connections. Schellenberg stated that vulnerability is essential in those relationships and a powerful means God can use to bring transformation.  Nick spoke of the informational gap that exists within the church about First Nations people, dispelling certain myths we as settlers have come to believe and calling us to think very different about sharing the Gospel.  He stated that we will be asked about our Gospel within relationship as our First Nations neighbours see how it is lived out in our lives over time.  The Gospel, Nick taught, to First Nations people, is one of forgiveness of sins (John 3:17) and less about eternal life.  Tim Falk shared his experiences as a chaplain intern set in three Saskatoon businesses with MB Mission and supported by the SKMB.  He spoke of being a faithful presence – the presence of Jesus – in the work place.  “We are a witness of what God is doing and a witness about what God is doing,” Falk stated.

SKMB Moderator, Tony Martens, Director of Ministry, Phil Gunther and the four ministry teams presented updates on the Conference work.  The last portion of the Leadership Forum focused on financial matters and the introduction of pledges to help accurately develop an annual budget.  Nick Helliwell’s presentation (audio) and his Power Point will be uploaded to the SKMB website, look for it!



Supporting SKMB Churches and Camps in making disciples.

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