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Ascent 2017

Hosted by C2C and the SKMB, Ascent2017 took place November 23rd at Horizon College (Saskatoon). Using the analogy of climbing a mountain, thirty-nine participants were immersed in the vision, values, calling and

experiences of ministry, specifically church planting.
Mark Burtch (C2C) spoke about the reality that in Canada there are some 300 – 400 churches that close every year and that only 15% of evangelical churches are growing, most have either plateaued or are in decline. Burtch stated that there are only 1.5 million Christians active in Gospel-centered churches in our country. The need for

the Gospel in Canada is profound.
Dwight Bernier (Acts29 Canada) reminded listeners

that they were the beloved of God and that, in Christ, the Heavenly Father is pleased with them. Bernier stated that Canada needs the Gospel but each one in the room needed it more! He counselled participants that church planting means we have no control, it is a venture of total dependence upon the Holy Spirit.

Luke Etemalaki (The Compass Church, Regina) addressed the group on the matter or calling. Using Acts 13, Etelamaki stated that a call is crucial because ministry is challenging and difficult. He stated that a call involves three components: (1) a setting apart by the Holy Spirit, (2) a gifting and equipping for ministry, and (3) the affirmation of one’s faith community.

Blair Allen (The Compass Church, Regina) shared his experiences as a new church planter noting the value of partnerships. “Every pastor needs a ‘rope-team’, Allen stated. Allen counselled listeners that when considering partnerships one must test theological compatibility, commit to investing in the partner’s work, understand the partner’s expectations, and know the partner’s reputation.

Murray McLellan (Grace Fellowship, Saskatoon) provided teaching on ministry preparation and qualifications. Using Acts 11, McLellan pressed the need for those entering ministry to possess spiritual vitality, Gospel identity and ministry calling.

Last, Bill Hogg (C2C Missiologist) leaned into the event’s theme by reminding listeners that Jesus is the hope of the world. He counselled that all those in ministry must hold to the centrality of Scripture and walk by the leading of God’s Spirit.



Supporting SKMB Churches and Camps in making disciples.

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