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Our MB Chaplain @ Work

Ron Dyck, our MB chaplain to the Christian Motorcycle Association (Regina 90 and 9), has perhaps one of the most unique volunteer ministries in Saskatchewan – he reaches out to lost bikers bearing a ‘patch’ other than Christ’s.  Ron’s day job is a manager with SaskTel but much of his spare time (especially in summer) is serving the members of CMA and those unchurched folks who come across his path.  Ron is married to Marilyn and they parent two sons and a number of grandchildren.

  Ron and the other members of the CMA attend biker rallies all across Saskatchewan bearing witness of the Gospel. These are dark, dark places he reminds us, the brokenness and hopelessness is incredible. Ron states, “Our goal is to build relationships with broken people and thus “earn the right to speak” into their lives. We have gained their respect, trust, and friendship and they will come to us when they are hurting. Our motto is “Changing the world, one heart at a time.” The thing that drives Marilyn and I is that we are all lost. I want to share the gospel with as many bikers as possible in the hope that they too will be with us all in Heaven. My personal goal is to be a worth watchman as described in Ezekiel 33:1-17.”

Ron has two roles as Chaplain, one role is to our chapter – devotionals, prayer meetings, chapter spiritual leader, and care giver. Ron states, “I have heard the personal call of God to also be a chaplain to the biking community of Saskatchewan and beyond. We can sum up our activities in the word “SERVE.” I preach when I am called at biker rallies, churches, and biker charity rides. We do hospital visitations when someone has had an accident, fallen ill, or has a family member fall ill and calls us. It is a strange feeling to get a call from a person, out of the blue, asking me to come to a charity ride or cancer fund raiser to say a prayer for or over a person struggling with cancer. I guess I view being a biker chaplain much like what we expect our pastor to be. My flock is just at a place where they don’t know they are on a spiritual journey.”

The CMA has an annual night ride schedule from April to September.  Starting in Regina they travel to places like Milestone, Indian Head, Southey and Moose Jaw.  These rides built unity among the CMA members but also welcome non-members (unchurched riders) to tag along and built relationship. In addition to their PMS potluck, they hold a biker blessing and BBQ in May, and a wind up BBQ in September.  CMA also attends many charity rides (breast cancer, prostrate cancer, heart, Cystic Fibrosis, Fallen warriors, etc.), in addition to about 4 secular bike rallies where we simply mingle with bikers, develop relationships and offer prayer and a listening ear.

Every January the CMA puts on an event called PMS (Parked-Motorcycle-Syndrome) at Parliament Community Church.  About 80 members and guests show up to fellowship, share a potluck meal, hear a worship team (which Ron leads) and listen to a Gospel speaker.  This year’s speaker was Eldon Croswell.  Eldon is a relatively new Christian whom some CMA members led to the Lord.  Eldon shared his moving testimony of how he left a life of rebellion, drugs, sex and gang involvement to follow Jesus.  He attributes the outreach and love of CMA members for his conversion.

Ron shares, “We covet your prayers as we engage in ministry, travel Saskatchewan roads and share the Gospel. Personally, I ask for prayer and wisdom as I prepare what God wishes these bikers to hear.  I am also open to sharing our ministry at churches.”



Supporting SKMB Churches and Camps in making disciples.

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Our MB Chaplain @ Work

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