"Supporting SKMB Churches and Camps in making disciples."

Thrive 2018

Some 54 people attended Thrive2018 at Horizon College & Seminary (Saskatoon) featuring Norm Funk, pastor of Westside Church (Vancouver). Thrive2018 was hosted by C2C and SKMB as an equipping and inspirational event.

The event consisted of three sessions, the first being Ministry As A Gift of Mercy.  Funk stated that God makes us sufficient for ministry because we are never sufficient in ourselves (2 Cor. 3:5-6).  Our ministry is a gift of mercy wholly dependant on the work of the Holy Spirit.  We are conduits of God’s grace.  Often when we feel disheartened in ministry it is because we fail to see that the work is the Lord’s and not ours - we self, not Spirit reliant.

The second session was titled Ministry As a Call To Proclaim. Here Funk taught that followers of Christ must be anchored to, and proclaimers of, the message of the Scriptures.  We must hold high the Word of God as the very words of God not adding to it or removing anything from it.  What is absolutely vital is that we remain faithful to the Word of God and its correct proclamation. The Heavenly Father has given to us authority to proclaim the Gospel.  The Scriptures point to Jesus and we are to urgently proclaim Him.

The third session was titled Ministry And Soul-Care.  Funk asked listeners, “What calls us to joy in our ministry”?  Our joy will come in ministry when we follow Jesus and not others or when we seek after our own glory or things that others have achieved.  Again, our joy will come when we seek Jesus and not great ministry results or personal achievement goals.  We can become very downcast when we chase after popular ministry trends and not stay on our own discerned  course and follow Jesus.  How do we care for our soul?  First, have a jealous commitment to your devotional life.  Second, guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus. Third, root your identity in Christ.  Fourth, make sure your life and teachings are solid and Christ-focused.  Fifth, evaluate how you measure success.  We have much to learn from Paul who boasted in the church, suffering and faithfulness. Sixth, a philosophy of ministry that is Biblically shaped. Seventh, professional counselling.  Eighth, life balance.  Ninth, receive the grace you offer others. Tenth, don’t place your value on affirmations and criticisms.



Supporting SKMB Churches and Camps in making disciples.

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