"Supporting SKMB Churches and Camps in making disciples."

Why Collaborate?

When newly ordained MB pastor Rick Hawreschuk contacted the Developmental Leadership Team (DLT) after our March assembly we were thrilled. He had a need and wondered if the DLT could help. And we did — not by offering to do this ourselves but by putting Rick in contact with Keith Reed at MinistryLift. After some consultation Keith is developing a plan and some leadership training curriculum for Rick to use. Keith contacted us recently and made this comment: Thanks for suggesting MinistryLift to Rick. I’d be happy to serve any other SK churches or parachurch ministries that are looking for equipping resources. This to me is a good model of collaboration. It involves an ability and willingness to identify a need, reach out and work together. This reminds me of what my husband often says when his parents care for our children and we get to go out — “it’s a win, win, win situation” — we all get to do something we enjoy and build relationships along the way.

So why collaborate? At the very heart of it God is a collaborator. The trinity offers us a perfect example of partnership and God’s willingness to work with his creation despite our imperfections remains a powerful model of support and togetherness. So the next time your church is using a good resource, doing a workshop, or you think partnering with another church/camp could have a greater impact in Saskatchewan let us know. The DLT wants to help you collaborate with other SKMB churches, camps and our MB resources. We had a small start at this year’s assembly sharing some of our ministry strengths — let’s keep it going! Email us at dlt@skmb.ca if you have something to share or maybe even a need/question and we’ll see how we can work together.   Jacqueline Block, Developmental Leadership Team



Supporting SKMB Churches and Camps in making disciples.

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