"Supporting SKMB Churches and Camps in making disciples."

2018 Leadership Forum

Some 80 participants attended the 2018 Leadership Forum at West Portal (Saskatoon) November 24th.  The Leadership Forum has three goals: (1) Training, (2) Networking/Listening, and (3) Reporting.  Participants felt the day was full of all three and well worth the effort to attend from all parts of the province.

The West Portal Church worship team led by Pastor Andrew Klassen opened the event followed by Dalmeny Community Church’s Director of Children’s Ministry, Damaria Rempel.  Rempel shared an example of her life in which God clearly used her mess to show her something new about Himself. She learned how necessary it was to keep her eyes focused on Christ.  The more she was able to be in a place of rest with Christ, the more successful she was in what she did.

Canadian Conference National Director, Elton DaSilva, facilitated the training session for the event. DaSilva instructed participants on healthy church leadership boards. DaSilva’s presentation and Power Point has been added to this link on the SKMB website.

The afternoon witnessed the introduction of Ryan & Terri Epp who will serve as MB Mission (Multiply) mobilizers for Saskatchewan.  The Epps are members of Forest Grove Community Church and will be primarily responsible for SOAR Saskatchewan and promotion of TREK, Action and Discipleship on Mission in the province.  James Penner was introduced next as the lay Pastoral Associate of the SKMB.  Penner’s role will be to be as a counsellor to Phil Gunther and a resource support for pastors and churches.  Penner shared a powerful testimony of his personal struggle with calling and clinical depression.  He described himself as being called to a prophetic intercessor for the Body of Christ.  Penner was re-credentialed with the SKMB.  Previously Penner served as lead pastor with Faith River Christian Fellowship.

The last introduction was that of Darryl Balzar, President of Thrive.  Balzar shared his journey with Thrive and his desire to start a fresh relationship with the SKMB.  Balzar claimed that there was opportunity for reconciliation and he was looking forward to a January meeting with SKMB leadership.

The remainder of the day included reporting from the Director of Ministry, Phil Gunther, on the state of the province, as well as the chair of the Church Multiplication Team, Luke Etemalaki, the chair of the Developmental Leadership Team, Jaqueline Block and the SKMB Executive Board.  Etemalaki spoke of the SKMB’s sponsorship of a number of SK attendees to Multiply (Vancouver) as well as an upcoming event in Saskatchewan focused on promoting multiplication called Reach (March 22-23), Block updated listeners on the Leaders Collective and the Executive Board reported that the SKMB was in a financial surplus position and introduced a 2019 surplus budget.  The 2019 budget will hold expenses to the 2018 budget.  New strategic investments will be made into three SK church plants.

The last item on the agenda witnessed Elton DaSilva facilitate a dialogue on the national collaboration model of governance affirmed at the 2018 national Gathering.  The single stream funding of this model will start in 2020.

To listen to Elton DaSilva's presentation and look through his Powerpoint Presentation, click here.



Supporting SKMB Churches and Camps in making disciples.

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2018 Leadership Forum

Some 80 participants attended the 2018 Leadership Forum at West Portal (Saskatoon) November 24th.

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