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November 2022 - Ministry Toolbox - Worship Edition

November Ministry Toolbox – Worship Edition

 In this month’s ministry toolbox we’ll look at some newer songs  that may be new to you.  We recognize that there are a variety of worship traditions in our churches and so have included new worship songs but also a number of new hymns from the modern hymn movement.  This list of songs is compiled with feedback from various places and people.


Advent and Christmas

1. Joy Has Dawned - Keith and Kristen Getty

It can be difficult to find solid and singable Advent songs for our worship services. This one has solid theology and is quite singable.   For those who lean towards traditional music this is a hymn from contemporary hymn writers Keith and Kristen Getty.

2. Hark the Herald Angels Sing/King of Heaven – Paul Baloche

Paul Baloche has released a number of Christmas songs pairing familiar carols with worship songs.  The outcome are songs that connect the Christmas season of worship with the rest of the year and adds depth to familiar carols. This song is just one example of his blended songs.

New Hymns and Worship Songs

3. Christ Our Hope in Life and Death – Keith and Kristen Getty

This contemporary hymn has been recorded by multiple artists and for good reason.  The whole theme of Christ as our hope in life and death is at the core of why we worship.

4. This is the Day – CityAlight

Growing up I remember singing “This is the Day”. This is a modern take on the same theme that is easy to sing  and recognizes the reality that God has made the day we have no matter whether we experience the good or the bad.

5. Come People of the Risen King – Keith and Kristen Getty

This is another new hymn from the Getty’s.  It is quite singable, and what a wonderful call into worship – calling on the people of the Risen King!

6. I Speak Jesus – Here Be Lions

This is a song that proclaims the name of Jesus and the power Jesus holds.  This song proclaims the truth of Jesus and that he is the source of peace, healing and the one who breaks chains.  This is a song that strives to lead the singers in a positive confession.

7. Endless Praise – Charity Gayle

This is a song that is pure worship and our proclamation that the Lord is Holy.  One of the lines is “I can’t wait for eternity to join the song that they are singing” – this song puts our worship in the context of the eternal worship we will have in heaven.

8. Living Hope – Phil Wickham

This song looks at the work of Jesus on the cross and through His resurrection.  This songs acknowledges that we are set free by Jesus’ salvation and death has no hold on us.


9. Yet not I but through Christ in me - CityAlight

This is another song that is very singable.  This song is about our hope in Jesus and that it is not by our strength, but the strength of Jesus we accomplish anything.  This song has some good theological depth to it looking at our hope in Jesus through struggles in this world to death to our ultimate hope of being home in glory with Jesus.

10. Hymn of heaven by Phil Wickham


This song is focussed on the reality that through our faith in Jesus we will be in heaven. It ties a solid reflection on heaven for us with our ability to join the worship of heaven today  and that we too can be proclaiming Holy Holy is the Lord.


What are your new(er) Worship Songs and Hymns that you or your church are resonating with? Leave a comment below.


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