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Adventures in Discipleship - Episode 3: The Neutral Zone

The Neutral Zone
When we let go of the comfortable, safe and familiar we often have nothing to hang onto but Jesus. It can be unsettling and so difficult to keep moving forward. If you're familiar with Peanuts cartoons, it's like when Linus' blanket is in the dryer. But the neutral zone is also a place of new possibility and faith.

In what ways are you in a 'neutral zone' in your life right now?

What experiences of "disorientation" or "reorientation" are part of your life at this time?

What is something that you've had to let go of during the past year?

How is God calling you to trust and have faith during this time?


Please Note:
We’ve chosen to not post Episode Two of the Adventures in Discipleship series as it was more specific to Forest Grove Community Church and was focussed on entering into the fall of 2020 when individuals and families were wrestling with how life would look in the reality of COVID.  The video reflects on changing some of our boring, life-draining ruts into life-giving rhythms.  If you wish to view video two, please click here.


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1 Corinthians 10:13

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