"Supporting SKMB Churches and Camps in making disciples."

Saskatchewan’s Leaders Collective initiative comes from a desire to invest in the next generation of leaders. It is a collaborative effort of the SKMB Conference and its churches, camps, and ministry partners that aims to disciple these leaders in and through their own current contexts. The 6-month cohort-based program will draw together SKMB leaders (aged 22-28) actively engaged within our Saskatchewan MB churches and camps and deepen their capacity to lead as followers of Christ.


  • Requires an on-going engagement with and from one’s local church
  • Open to anyone in the target age group pursuing leadership
  • Aims to develop disciples of Christ who can lead in a wide variety of contexts
  • Allows participants and church members to grow through a supported mentoring relationship
  • Involves individual experiences, monthly co-hort sessions, and weekend retreats/events
  • Encourages personal growth through spiritual formation and leadership skill development

We are aiming to run our first cohort of 10-12 leaders from October 2019-April 2020.  We anticipate the    projected cost of $750/person will be equally shared by the local church, SKMB Conference and participant.

Stay tuned for more info and registration details

(coming in Spring 2019!):


Got a question?  Email us: dlt@skmb.ca


Supporting SKMB Churches and Camps in making disciples.

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