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      Sep 6, 2022


      Shall we accept good from God, and not trouble?

      I watch a lot of Major League Baseball; the Toronto Blue Jays are my team. A good number of the Blue Jay players wear crosses and routinely engage in the Catholic practice of ‘crossing’ themselves. Both of these provide some level of testimony that God plays a role in their personal and professional lives. It is common practice for some of these elite ball players to make a gesture of thanks and praise to God when they accomplish a good hit, crossing themselves and raising a hand to the heavens.

      Aug 24, 2022


      SKMB Sabbatical Two

      Before I left I wrote about five things we did to help us plan our sabbatical to ensure our family got the most out of it. Now on the other side of our sabbatical, I want to share four lessons I learned about sabbaticals that I hope will help you prepare if you are considering one in the future. 

      Aug 8, 2022

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      Pope's Visit

      “I’m Sorry”
      Pope Francis addresses a “deplorable evil.”

      “I express my deep shame and sorrow…
      I humbly beg for forgiveness.”
      Pope Francis