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      Feb 12, 2024


      Welcome to SKMB

      Matt and Dawn Ewert are excited to join Forest Grove Church as Matt takes the role of Lead Pastor.

      Feb 8, 2024

      CCMBC News

      Remain in Me: Easter Devotional

      Renew your devotion to Jesus with MB Seminary’s Easter devotional. This daily resource will feature a Scripture reading, prayer, and/or devotional from Ash Wednesday (Feb. 14) to Easter Sunday (Mar. 31). The devotionals are written by authors from MB churches and agencies.

      Jan 30, 2024


      Winter Blues

      Dear SKMB Family,

      For me, it’s not the cold or snow that makes winter a hard season to slog through, it’s the darkness. I truly look forward to winter solstice when the movement toward ever darker days pivots and we begin to see more daylight.