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Discerning My Path

“So, what are your plans after high school?”  Some love that question.  Some hate it. 

Those first few years after high school bring opportunities.  Opportunities for life, opportunities to grow in your faith.  But what’s the best option?  What do I want?  What do I need?

Taking a year to dig in deeper with Jesus is a great option. 

But which program? 

Below you’ll find a simple tool to help you sort through the options.  This tool highlights programs with a connection to our MB family of churches.  There are certainly many other good programs out there.  These MB-connected programs, however, have a commitment to working alongside your local church as you journey forward with Jesus.

Getting Started

  • Spend time in prayer.  Be open to hearing from God what will be a good option for you
  • Sit down and talk through these questions with one or two people you trust and who know you: a mentor, a youth leader, a parent, a friend
  • You might want to print out this worksheet (click here to download) to use as you go.

The basics

Read through each of the following brief program descriptions. 

Quest (Columbia Bible College)

Isn’t it time you went on an adventure? In Quest, you’ll experience an unforgettable year of discipleship that will develop every part of who you are.  Backpacking, caving, rock climbing, skiing, canoeing, and sailing — you’ll participate in incredible expeditions that will deepen your character and put you in touch with our Creator.  Classroom studies will stretch your intellect as you study God’s Word and discover what it means to follow Christ. Every step of the way, you’ll be walking with a down-to-earth community of classmates and mentors who will encourage, challenge, and coach you.  No matter where God takes you in life, Quest will get you ready for what comes next.

For more, check out the Quest website: https://www.columbiabc.edu/academics/programs/quest

Contact Jeremy Walker, Quest Director

Admissions / info@columbiabc.edu 
Jeremy will be happy to refer prospective students to Saskatchewan alumni.

Outtatown (Canadian Mennonite University)

Outtatown’s mission is to inspire and nurture students in their life of discipleship with Jesus Christ in a journey towards: knowing God in truth and relationship; knowing yourself in personality, character, abilities, and gifts; and knowing the world in its beauty, diversity, and pain.

Travel - Outtatown starts with three months travelling across western Canada, from the Whiteshell in northwestern Ontario, across prairies and mountains, to Vancouver, BC. The second semester consists of three months travelling, learning, and serving in either Guatemala or South Africa.
Cross-Cultural Experiences - Outtatown offers students once-in-a-lifetime cross-cultural experiences within a supportive community setting. In Canada, this looks like a week spent living and learning with an Indigenous community in southern Manitoba and a week spent in both downtown Winnipeg and Vancouver for immersive inner city learning and serving experiences. During the international portion of the program, it can be living with a Guatemalan homestay family or joining local ministry partners in their work in Soweto, Stellenbosch, and Pietermaritzburg (South Africa).
Discipleship Focus - Outtatown focuses on training students in what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ. Through travel, learning, and service, the program challenges students with the question of what it means to be a student or a follower of Jesus in the modern day and in the context of living in community.

For more, check out the Outtatown website: http://www.outtatown.com/tag/cmu/

Contact Alex Tiessen, Admissions Counsellor

  • Phone: 204.594.0523
  • Email: atiessen@cmu.ca

Facebook: facebook.com/alex.tiessencmu
Alex will be happy to put you in contact with an Outtatown Alumni from Saskatchewan.

Discipleship on Mission (DoM) (MB Mission/Multiply)

It's time to take the next steps! See what it means to put faith into action among diverse communities across Canada and Thailand. Through experiential and reflective learning, you will have a chance to take risks, serve, and worship in ways you've never done before. Come discover God, yourself, and the world. Discipleship on Mission begins with 3 month semester (September - December) of spiritual formation, team building and mission training across Canada. In the second semester (January - April), you will serve with long-term International Workers as you join in God's ministry and participate in community transformation in Thailand.

Joining Discipleship on Mission, you can expect:

A close connection with your fellow students and leaders while being challenged by strong Christian leaders across Canada and Thailand. You will grow in your personal relationship with God and have opportunities to see a loving God at work in many different settings.  By design the groups are small so that there is a depth of investment that each leader can make into the students. Standard size is 6 students and 2 leaders
A mobile program.  You will be moving around to many different cities around Canada and then again in Thailand. Many nights will be spent sleeping on church floors and living out of a backpack as you constantly explore new places.
To have your worldview challenged as you encounter Canada as never before and then head off to Thailand to experience a new culture.
If you are looking for some travel, adventure and a new depth to your personal relationship with the Lord this program will hit all those high points. Experience what God is doing locally and around the world while spending the time in a tight knit community.

For more, check out the MB Mission website: http://www.mbmission.org/offices/central-canada/

Contact Carol Letkeman: STM Mobilizer

  • Phone: Toll-Free: 1-888-866-6267
  • Email: caroll@mbmission.org

Thrive Discipleship Program (Bethany College)

Thrive is an 8-month Discipleship Program with the purpose of equipping disciples of Jesus Christ through Biblical teaching, intentional community, and hands on learning experiences.

Our Mission is to form WHOLE and HOLY DISCIPLES of Jesus Christ

WHOLE - Thrive seeks to walk alongside students in the process of growing into maturity and completeness in all areas of life - spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and vocational.

HOLY - A holy life is one set apart exclusively for God and His mission. At Thrive, we explore what it means to live, move and have our being in Jesus. As we discover our identity in Christ, we can bring glory to Him in everything we do in the Church and in the world.

DISCIPLE – To be a learner and follower of Jesus Christ as we walk in the example that he gives us.

For more, check out the Thrive website: www.thrivesk.com

Darryl Balzer, President

  • Phone: 306-292-7349
  • Email: dbalzer@bethany.sk.ca

Other Bible College Options

You may also want to check out more traditional Bible College or Christian University programs.  Most have programs that range from one to four years in length, with various focuses of study. Colleges/Universities connected with our MB family of churches include:

  • Columbia Bible College (www.columbiabc.edu)
  • Canadian Mennonite University (www.cmu.ca)
  • Steinbach Bible College (affiliated with Manitoba MB Conference) (sbcollege.ca)
  • Horizon College (new partnership with MB Seminary) (www.horizon.edu)

Now ask yourself these questions:

  • What excites you about each program?  What would keep you from signing up?
  • How will leaders/staff in each program get to know you and invest in you personally?
  • Pick one or two programs that sound most exciting to you.  Talk to the person with you about what you’d expect if you attended this program.  Ask them to reflect back to you what they hear you saying.  What do you notice?

What’s most important

I’d say ________ is most important to me. 

  • Building a foundation of knowing the Bible
  • Finding opportunities to serve others
  • Experiencing other cultures
  • Being mentored
  • Living in close community with others who love Jesus
  • Getting out of my “comfort zone” (e.g., adventure, travel, etc.)
  • Helping me discern what’s next in my life
  • Making friendships for life
  • Staying connected with home church
  • Developing lifelong habits in following Jesus
  • Getting grounded in the Gospel (what is the Gospel? How do I live it and share it with others?)
  • Other???

Think back now to the program(s) that you were most excited about.  How well do these programs fit with what’s most important to you?

A few other questions I have:

  • What academic credit can I expect if I want to go on to further studies? 
  • When does the program start and finish?
  • How much does the program cost?
  • Who can I talk to about the program?  Can I talk to someone from Saskatchewan who completed this program?





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