"Supporting SKMB Churches and Camps in making disciples."


Donations made through this website help support the ministries of the SKMB. Know that your support is very much appreciated and will be diligently used in “Supporting SKMB churches and camps in fulfilling the mission of Jesus.”

Simply put, if it wasn’t for the faithful support of our member churches and individuals, we wouldn’t exist. Thank you!

Of course we also accept cheques! We have a bookkeeping arrangement with the Canadian Conference of MB Churches, so please mail cheques (made out to the SK Conference of MB Churches) to the following address:

Canadian Conference of MB Churches
1310 Taylor Avenue
Winnipeg, MB
R3M 3Z6
Attn: Orest Pelech

SKMB Supporting Discipleship (E-Transfer)

  1. For contributions by e-transfer, send via email to donations@skmb.ca
  2. All contributions must indicate their designation (ie: SKMB, CCMBC, Arlee Cemetery, etc.) in the “notes” portion of your e-transfer
  3. Any individual requiring a year-end tax receipt must also indicate in the “notes” portion of the e-transfer their full mailing address 

SKMB Supporting Discipleship (PayPal)  



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