"Supporting SKMB Churches and Camps in making disciples."

Investing in Leaders

Bursary and Internship Guidelines

The Developmental Leadership Team (DLT) supports individuals from SKMB churches to engage in leadership development opportunities that will equip us to grow as disciples on mission together.

Award Guidelines

A. Bursaries

We offer bursaries to individuals pursuing formal theological and ministry education or training.  Examples include:

a.     College (e.g. Horizon College, Columbia Bible College, Millar College of the Bible, Briercrest College, etc.)
b.     Seminary (e.g. MB Seminary, Horizon Seminary, etc.)
c.      Other discipleship programs (e.g., Thrive Discipleship Program, etc.)

Bursaries of up to $750 are available (depending on full-time equivalency).

We encourage SKMB churches and camps to consider offering their own bursaries as a way of further supporting individuals.

To apply, complete and submit the SKMB Bursary Application Form (available here).

Note that applicants who served as summer staff at one of our two SKMB camps, Westbank Bible Camp or Redberry Bible Camp, should list the camp director as one of their references when they apply.

See additional award criteria below

B. Internships

We desire to support internships provided by churches, camps and partnering ministries.  Partnership funding available will depend on the length and commitment of the internship. 
For example:

a.     Up to 4 months - $750 financial support ($500 if less than 10 hrs. per week)
b.     4 – 6 months – $1250 bursary ($625 if less than 10 hrs. per week)
c.      Greater than 6 months – up to $2000 (two payments) ($750 if less than 10 hrs. per week)

Note that internships with higher levels of SKMB financial partnership (e.g., $2000) will come with the stipulation that the intern attend the SKMB Assembly and Leadership Forum (if the dates of those events fall within the term of the internship).  The church or ministry will be responsible for the costs to attend (registration/travel).
See additional award criteria below. 
To apply, complete and submit the SKMB Internship Support Form (available here). 
Note that this application form requires input from both the individual and the partnering church or ministry.

Award Criteria

A.    Bursaries are available to active participants in the life and ministry of a SKMB church or SKMB camp ministry.
B.    Applicants are eligible for only one form of SKMB financial support per year. 
C.     Applicants should complete the entire application form, including providing references and any requested supporting documents.  Pastors, references and applicants may be interviewed by a representative from the DLT.
D.    Timelines: Applications are accepted at any time during the year.  Applicants will be notified when their form has been received.  The DLT does its best to review applications in a timely manner.
E.     Bursaries and internship financial support is subject to available funds.
F.     The DLT may take into consideration financial need of the applicant. The DLT can also make exceptions to guidelines in unique circumstances if the mission of SKMB is served best by doing so.
G.    Concerning church internships, there is a strong expectation that the SKMB internship support will at minimum be matched by the respective church.

Internship Application Form (PDF)Internship Application 2024

Bursary Application Form (PDF) - Bursary Application 2024


Supporting SKMB Churches and Camps in making disciples.

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Encouraging, equipping and partnering with the church along mission pathways!

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Recent News

Jul 16, 2024


A Good Word

The power of wise counsel.
“Getting wisdom is the wisest thing you can do!”
Proverbs 4:7a NLT
“Who is a wise man?  He who learns of all men.”
The Talmud[i]

There are particular people God allows to cross our path of discipleship, fellow sojourners who change the trajectory of our spiritual formation.  I remember the good word given to me by Haldane Rowan, director of Capernwray Torchbearers Australia.  His good word came to me when I was a twenty-two-year-old student at Capernwray and, at best, a lukewarm disciple of Jesus

[i] Central religious text of Rabbinic Judaism

Jul 10, 2024


A Gift That Will Keep Giving

A new barn at Redberry Bible Camp

This spring Redberry had the privilege of acknowledging the significant influence Blaine Lake Gospel Chapel has had on the camp over the years. 

Jul 10, 2024


Seeking Renewal and Revival

2024 Conference of African Diaspora Churches

From June 28 -30, some 200 members of Canadian diaspora churches met at Parliament Community Church (Regina). SKMB congregations Mission Pentecostal Church (Regina) and Carmel Pentecostal Church (Saskatoon) hosted the three-day event, while SKMB, Multiply and ABMB sponsored it. The purpose of the gathering was to inspire spiritual renewal and revival.