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Ministry Opportunities 

Red Berry Bible Camp Executive Director

The primary responsibility of the Executive Director is to lend overall spiritual leadership & logistical management for Redberry bible camp. The Executive Director reports directly to the Redberry Board of Directors..

The role of Executive Director incorporates the following:
● An understanding that Redberry Bible Camp is a Christian ministry affiliated

with the Saskatchewan Mennonite Brethren denomination. Therefore the Executive Director must conduct him/herself in accordance with the ministry’s values and mission statement.

○ Redberry Bible Camp Core Values: Christ Jesus Centered, Love, Discipleship, Community & Unique Camp Atmosphere.

○ Redberry Bible Camp Mission Statement: Loving Jesus, loving people and growing disciples through the community of camp.

○ Dependence on God in all things; committed to lives of prayer, worship and love.

○ Allow the Holy Spirit to work through us on a continuing development of maturity in faith.

Job Description details can be read here.

Forest Grove Community Church (North Site Pastor)

  • Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  • Full Time

Forest Grove Community Church is actively seeking a full-time pastor for our new, third congregation. The specific unique vision for this congregation is in development. FGCC is a multi-site church currently consisting of two existing congregations (Attridge and Broadway), and one new congregation. The anticipated launch date for our third congregation is late fall 2016 or early winter 2017. We have one vision and mission as a church with one budget and leadership council (Board) for all sites. Each of our sites expresses (lives out) the common vision/mission in a unique way. Our first site (Attridge) has about 650 people in average Sunday attendance. Our second site (Broadway) has about 130 people in average Sunday attendance.

This site pastor role involves preaching 60-70% of Sundays, leadership, discipleship, equipping and some administration. As this is a new congregation, there will be a church planting aspect to the role. The successful candidate will have spiritual maturity and health as well as proven leadership ability. The site pastor will need to fit well with the ministry DNA of Forest Grove Community Church, the Saskatchewan Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches, as well as our staff and leadership team.

To learn more about this position or to apply visit Forest Grove’s employment page.

Richmond Park Mennonite Church (Pastor)

  • Brandon, Manitoba
  • Full Time

Richmond Park Church (RPC) is a member of the Manitoba and Canadian Mennonite Brethren Conferences that was founded in 1954 as a church plant in response to young people moving into the city from surrounding rural areas. It has grown into a strong and consistent presence in Brandon, and has recently welcomed a Spanish-speaking congregation under its administrative umbrella. As our mission statement proclaims, RPC “exists as a caring community with the desire to engage in meaningful relationships with God and each other, equipping all to live in worship, devotion and integrity founded on God’s inspired word.”
Richmond Park Church is looking for a Pastor who is guided by the Bible in both personal life and pastoral ministry. If you are someone who believes in the MB Statement of Faith and accepts and promotes the tenets of Anabaptist Theology then this might be a good fit for you.
The main focus of this position is to provide leadership to the church community by working with the Visionary Board to set the vision of the church and build a strong sense of common purpose and community.
You will be an authentic person that builds lasting relationships with people in the church and the community. You will be compassionate and driven to work with our Caring Team to ensure the needs of people in the congregation are met.

You will understand the value that other members and lay speakers of the congregation bring to our ministerial duties and will provide leadership, encouragement and support to those who are engaged with the goals and missions of the church. You will provide meaningful sermons to the church while working with the Worship Team Leader and our lay speakers to nurture a spirit of team ministry. You’ll be involved in leading Adult Sunday School and will teach Baptism and Membership classes as needed.
Your previous experience in ministry, working with a team in a church or educational settings where Anabaptist theology was valued will have prepared you for this role. You will be able to demonstrate how you’ve successfully mentored others for ministry, with a history of effective pulpit speaking guided by your formal theological training.
This competition will remain open until filled. For more information visit our website at www.richmondparkchurch.ca, applications should be submitted to rpc@wcgwave.ca.

For more ministry opportunities within Canada visit jobs.mbherald.com.

Associate Pastor


To work alongside the Lead Pastor to further equip, train and release volunteers to achieve the vision that God has given to the church.  As the Associate Pastor, you have specific training in youth or children’s ministry, and are able to give oversight in the musical ministry of the church.   You are excited to see a church that has a new vision and sense of expectancy to see the strengthening of our faith through reaching out.   You will be self-motivated, and have much faith, to train, and encourage existing believers to grow deeper with God and have more intentional relationships with those far from God.


The successful candidate will

  1. have previous church experience in a similar role
  2. have a Bachelor’s degree in a ministry related field (preferably a Master’s degree)
  3. be able to get credentialed with the B.C. Mennonite Brethren Conference
  4. focus on leadership development and growth in the area of youth ministry through your previous training & experience. You will coach, encourage and resource current leaders to spur on spiritual growth & greater faith, and bold initiatives to build friendships with those who need Jesus.
  5. be very proficient in at least one musical instrument (ie. guitar or piano), and a heart & competency for leading corporately in worship. You will give oversight to the music ministry of the church, while supporting and helping develop a consistent, contemporary, and inspiring Sunday worship service.  Your role is not to be the only Sunday leader, but to develop and raise the overall level of musical ability and spiritual expectation on Sunday with a team of leaders.
  6. spearhead & help facilitate new initiatives to reach the neighborhood around the church building. You will also seek others to own and embrace the new opportunities of mission, so the church is using their gifts individually.
  7. serve with the Lead Pastor in all aspects of pastoral ministry where requested and gifted such as preaching, teaching, special events, group leadership, and pastoral care.
  8. be a team player with a proven track record of serving as a team member as well as building and leading teams of volunteers.
  9. be comfortable to build relationships with those who have been believers for many years to discipling those who are new to faith.



Responsible to: Lead Pastor

Responsible for: Volunteers & overseeing Ministry leaders/ Committee leaders

Click here for more information on Associate Pastor.

Posted on: 2017/12/15

Executive Director

West Bank Bible Camp in Swift Current, SK is seeking applications for the position of Executive Director to work with its Board of Directors. West Bank Bible Camp is a Mennonite Brethren summer church camp which attracts 5 – 600 campers per camping season. The successful candidate will work closely with the Board, overseeing camp planning and programs, financial management, day-to-day operations, staffing requirements, marketing and fundraising. West Bank Bible Camp is looking for an individual who is excited about the unique opportunities that Christian camping ministry provides. We endeavor not only to provide a positive Christian camping experience for our campers but also work to equip future young leaders for Christian service.

Click here for more information on Executive Director.

Posted on: 2017/12/15

Executive Director

Redberry Bible Camp is currently accepting applications for the position of Executive Director.

A job description may be viewed at http://bit.ly/RBCcareers


Click here for more information on Executive Director.

Posted on: 2017/12/06


Denominational President

About us:

The Fellowship of Evangelical Bible Churches (FEBC) seeks to equip every member of every church to proclaim the Gospel at every opportunity. We serve over 40 churches in the US and Canada from Michigan to British Columbia, from northern Saskatchewan to Oklahoma.

FEBC works with our member churches to inspire the proclamation of the Gospel, Biblical teaching, discipleship, and global missions. Since our founding in 1889, we have lived out Biblical Christianity locally and around the world.

More information about FEBC can be found at www.fellowshipforward.org

About the Job:

Are you passionate about strategic leadership? Does orchestrating cultural change to further the gospel bring interest you? Do you have experience in leadership and administration? Do you have experience and effectiveness in working with volunteers? If so, the FEBC’s president position may be a strong fit for you.

The Fellowship exists to provide a framework which enables member churches to stimulate and encourage each other to be more effective in building the Church of Jesus Christ through interaction, joint service projects, mutual assistance, accountability and fellowship. We are a fellowship of 43 autonomous churches who are united by a common passion for the great commission, and Bible based theology. Our vision is that the members of our churches will not just be participants in the gospel through giving towards global missions, but will also be proclaimers of the gospel locally in our communities.

In 2010, FEBC embraced the following vision “We will be a fellowship of churches that equips and inspires one another so that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is proclaimed by every member of every church at every opportunity.” To do this we are looking for a president who can provide necessary strategy, leadership, and focus to push towards this goal.

While much of the work will be performed from of international office, significant travel to our churches will be expected. The president may be expected to move to Saskatoon, Winnipeg or Omaha.

A job description is available upon request. If this is a vision that you could invest yourself in, we look forward to hearing from you.

Click here for more information on President.

Posted on: 2017/12/01

Director of Fundraising and Communications

The Director of Fundraising and Communications position brings a high level of expertise and experience to Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) Canada in the roles of promoting donor development and directing organizational communication.

The Director provides leadership to donor relations/fundraising efforts and communications of MCC Canada and of the MCC’s in Canada by collaboratively developing and implementing strategies that generate awareness, relationship, engagement, support and various types of donations from within our constituency and the broader public.  The Director ensures that activities are focused on approved strategic priorities, deliver on expected results and are in compliance with standard legal and ethical requirements as well as MCC values, principles and policies.

The Director is expected to be a resource for marketing all aspects of the organization and is expected to cultivate marketing expertise in others. They will also proactively seek out synergies between the various activities of MCC, finding new opportunities to market and advance the mission of MCC in our constituency and the broader public.  The Director is expected to develop ambitious targets and deliver results.

The Director will work closely with the Associate Director of Communications and Donor Relations (CDR). The Director will have overall responsibility for the entire department, with the Associate Director of CDR, National Thrift Shop Development Coordinator, Donor Relations Data Specialist, Donor Life Cycle Coordinator and the CDR Department Assistant, as direct reports.  The Associate Director will have primary supervisory responsibility for day-to-day running of the department, with a strong focus on communications.

The Director is responsible for providing leadership, supervision and long-term planning in the MCCC Donor Relations and Communications department.  This position will help coordinate the work of the MCC Canada CDR network and collaborate effectively with counterparts in the U.S. The position is available on a salaried basis.

Click here for more information on Director of Fundraising and Communications.

Posted on: 2017/11/30

Associate Editor – Die Mennonitische Post

The associate editor is responsible to assist with all aspects of the production of the bi-weekly newspaper, the Mennonitische Post, under the direction and supervision of the managing editor. This includes tasks such as typesetting. writing, translating, editing, proofreading, and layout. The associate editor works in close collaboration with the managing editor, assuming responsibility for some aspects of the paper under the direction of the managing editor. Flexibility and the capacity for collaboration and teamwork are key characteristics in this role.

Click here for more information on Associate Editor – Die Mennonitische Post.

Posted on: 2017/11/30

Television Director-producer

Square One World Media Inc. with its ministry headquarters in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada is seeking a Television Director-producer for its Russian media ministry – a TV program aimed at children. A minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree together with 5 years or more of experience is required in the production of a children’s Christian faith based puppet show.

The language to fulfill this position is English but proficiency in Russian is an asset.

The person applying for this position must agree with Square One World Media’s confession of faith.

Click here for more information on Television Director-producer.

Posted on: 2017/11/28

Designer and Script Writer

Square One World Media Inc. with its ministry headquarters in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada is seeking a Designer and Script Writer for its Russian media ministry – a TV show aimed at children. The person applying for this position must have 3 years less than 5 years of related industry experience, Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience, demonstrated skills with script writing software such as Celtx, Final Draft or equivalent, as well as experience in writing Christian faith based scripts for children.

The language to fulfill this position is English but proficiency in Russian is an asset.

The person applying for this position must agree with Square One World Media’s confession of faith.

Click here for more information on Designer and Script Writer.

Posted on: 2017/11/28

Lead Pastor

Winkler Bergthaler Mennonite Church, located in Winkler, Manitoba is seeking an experienced, full-time Lead Pastor. We hold to the Anabaptist theology and have accepted The Confession of Faith in a Mennonite Perspective. We are currently not affiliated with a Conference. Presently we share our facility with another congregation.
We invite applications from candidates with:
– Strong interpersonal skills
– Experience working in a church setting (preaching, teaching, and pastoral care)
– Commitment to Anabaptist theology
– An attitude of servant leadership
– Post-secondary religious education
Our congregation consists primarily of seniors. This position would focus on preaching and teaching, some visitation, leadership to staff, working with the Church Council Leadership Team as they prayerfully discern vision and strategy, and some administration.

Click here for more information on Lead Pastor.

Posted on: 2017/11/27

Pastor of Community Life

Pastor of Community Life
Job Description

The Pastor of Community Life will develop and oversee Community Outreach and Small Groups ministries for the Steinbach Mennonite Brethren Church. The primary responsibility will be to coordinate the small group ministry in cooperation with other staff. This includes welcoming newcomers to the church, and working with congregants and attenders of SMBC to help them to be connected to the SMBC church. This position will also have the responsibility for leading and training church congregants for outreach into the community.


The ideal candidate will have the following qualifications:

● Be a committed servant of Jesus Christ
● Be in good standing with the Mennonite Brethren conference/church or a conference/church of similar doctrinal beliefs
● Be eligible to satisfy the credentialing standards of the Mennonite Brethren Church of Manitoba
● Subscribe to the theology and philosophy consistent with the Holy Scriptures and the Mennonite Brethren Confession of Faith
● A minimum of 5 years of ministry experience
● Have demonstrated a heart for ministry and for the church through prior experiences.

Skills and Abilities

1. Have strong interpersonal and communication skills.

2. Demonstrate skill in evangelism and discipleship.

3. Have demonstrated successful outreach in the context of a church.

4. Able to work well within a team context.


1. Together with the Lead Pastor, develop strategies to integrate visitors and congregants into SMBC.

2. Take responsibility to stimulate community and fellowship through small groups and other church and family activities.

3. Take leadership in discerning, recruiting and training leaders for small groups. This will happen in conjunction with other SMBC pastors.

4. Provide vision, leadership and training to church congregants for outreach into the community.

5. Be available for equipping and encouraging leaders on an ongoing basis, and also provide pastoral care to the congregants as needed.

6. Participate in the preaching ministry of SMBC as arranged with the other SMBC pastors.


1. The Pastor of Community Life will be accountable to the Lead Pastor and ultimately to the Leadership Team.

2. The Pastor of Community Life will work closely with other pastoral staff of SMBC.

3. The Pastor of Community Life reports administratively to the Personnel Committee.

4. Salary and Benefits will be provided according to the MB Conference grid.

Applications, including references, should be forwarded to:


Click here for more information on Pastor of Community Life.

Posted on: 2017/11/24


Supporting SKMB Churches and Camps in making disciples.

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