"Supporting SKMB Churches and Camps in making disciples."

Missional Clarity

The Missional Clarity series is meant to do one of two things for your leadership team:

  1. This series is meant to help you ask that all important question, “Do we have missional clarity?” As you go through it as a team, it will either encourage you in what you are already doing as a team and church and maybe even help your missional focus grow stronger, or it might reveal to you that you have lost sight of the mission of Jesus and you didn’t even notice it and it will help you take steps towards moving back towards clarity.
  2. Maybe you know as a church you have lost sight of the mission. This series is to help you regain clarity on the mission. As you go through this series, you will have the chance to ask where and why you lost sight of the mission, and see some very practical steps you can take to begin to move the church back towards it.

Through it all, our deepest desire is to see you as a leader and for your church to be encouraged and equipped for the mission of Jesus for the glory of God and the good of your context.

To view and print the Missional Clarity Study Guide, click here.


Supporting SKMB Churches and Camps in making disciples.

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Encouraging, equipping and partnering with the church along mission pathways!

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Apr 17, 2024


The Sun Stopped Shining

When things went dark, God prevailed.

On April 8, 2024, millions of people from around the world watched a total solar eclipse of the sun. Many traveled to place themselves in the Path of Totality where they would experience the moon completely blocking the light from the sun. It was an event of a lifetime for all.

Apr 9, 2024


Does Your Church Have An OUTCOMES Focused Ministry?

A basic planning building block that can be used in designing, developing and evaluating a ministry is the Logic Model.[1] There are three main areas in the Logic Model: Inputs, Outputs and Outcomes.[2]

Mar 26, 2024


Assembly 2024

Bridgeway Community Church and Grace Community Church hosted the 78th SKMB Assembly (March 22 – 23). Some 90 participants from member churches and camps joined together to hear about the work of global, national and provincial MB ministries and partners.