"Supporting SKMB Churches and Camps in making disciples."

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SKMB Financial Update for 2019 Q1 (January - March)





Supporting SKMB Churches and Camps in making disciples.

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May 25, 2020


Director of Ministry Letter in a Pandemic Season


May 8, 2020


Leaders Collective

Leaders Collective aims to deepen the capacity of young adults (aged 22-28) to lead as followers of Christ.

May 4, 2020


Significant Conversations

One of the major impacts of COVID19 is the government’s restrictions pertaining to physical distancing and large gatherings. This has resulted in the need for leaders to find creative ways to provide care and accountability to those under their oversight. Whether you do this through Zoom, emails, Facetime, Skype, texts, or phone calls there is still the opportunity to make these connections substantive and meaningful. Two ways to continue to foster healthy and maturing disciples during this time of non face-to-face encounters is by using significant and thought- provoking questions as you connect with people, as well as by offering helpful resources to empower them to take initiative in their journey toward spiritual growth and maturity. Good questions and good resources, offered with great attention, grace, and compassion, can lead to good outcomes.